Country Meadows Organics


Our gardens have been featured on HG TV...

We grow mainly heirloom vegetables, specializing in heirloom tomatoes.

At present we have in excess of 60 varieties of tomatoes. We have heritage

breeds of chickens, mainly Silver Lace Wyandottes also Buff Orpingtons and

Silkies. Our herd of goats has been with us since before we moved to

Queensville. Keeping the goats away from the gardens often proves


The flower beds consist mainly of native plants. This is for two reasons. They are suited to our climate so are easier to grow, plus they attract butterflies and birds.

Nature plays a very big part in organic gardening. Without our friends the birds, bats, toads, garden snakes, praying mantis and other beneficial insects, we would never be able to have the fabulous organic gardens that we are so proud of.  In fact, at Country Meadows, nature rules.


We are a small certified organic farm located in Queensville,

Ontario, which is in the GTA. Our farm has been certified organic since